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Miragetek Global Resources is based in London and specialises in infrastructure design, deployment and support to procurement and employement.

Through our relationships with industry leaders such as Hewlett Packard®, Dell®, Sun Microsystems®, IBM®, and Cisco®, Miragetek offers a complete portfolio of technology services.

To succeed in business today, the importance of protecting both your company's and your customers' data, maintaining a strong internet presence, and constantly ...

Miragetek Global Recruitment

Imagine IT recruitment agents who will check candidates with the same skill and diligence that you would yourself.

IT Recruitment agents who will know better than to bother you with CV's or interviews until they have performed these vital checks first.

All applications are accurately filtered by experienced IT project managers.

By deploying our own in depth knowledge of IT tools and the sometimes complex relationships between them we aim to understand your jobs properly ...

Miragetek Global IT Solutions

We provide a single port of call for IT related services covering Servers, PC, Peripherals, Outsourced Support, Internet, VoIP and Supply Requirements putting together tailor made solutions to suit your specific needs.

On Site Support is available throughout London for the resolution of any technical problems that you may have including upgrades, installations and repairs.

Our experience covers working in a diverse range of enviroments from home office to a state of the art Data Centre ...

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